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Published Map File (PMF)

Important Note

An updated verion of ArcReader 10 is now required to run all VT Enhanced 911 PMF maps dated 12/28/11 or earlier.  Updated GPSLayer3 is required to use the GPS layer in all PMF maps dated 12/28/11 or earlier.  Older Arcreader versions, 9.2, 9.3, 9.3.1 will not work with the latest PMF map. 

VT Enhanced 911 PMF Map

The VT Enhanced 911 PMF Map is essentially a free statewide map viewer that uses ArcReader with a Global Positioning System (GPS) locator.  This setup is ideal for responders as well as Enhanced 911 coordinators to use in their vehicles equipped with a laptop PC (with Windows operating system) and GPS.  If you don’t have a GPS unit, GPS antennas with a USB cord are reasonably affordable for $40-50 and have 3-5 meter accuracy.  Note: GPS units must be NMEA compatible.

Setup Instructions for the Vermont Enhanced 911 PMF Map

To install the ArcReader & GPS software follow Steps 1-6. To update your current VT Enhanced 911 PMF Map (ArcReader & GPS software already installed), skip to step 7. The VTE911 PMF map is updated and posted to the FTP site on a monthly basis. The file name includes the date the PMF Map was created.

Important Note

Download the latest folder and follow steps 1-5 to install updated software Arcreader10 and GPSLayer.

  1. Download the '' folder by saving the zipped file on your PC.
  2. Unzip / Extract the '' folder by right clicking on the zipped file and choosing "extract all".
  3. Install the free mapping software, ArcReader 10, from the arcreader10windows folder by doing the following:
    1. Open the unzipped/extracted 'PMF_Setup' folder
    2. Open the ArcReader10windows folder.
    3. Double click on setup.exe to run the setup wizard (use the "Typical" setup option in the setup wizard)
  4. Install the ArcReader Service Pack 3
    1. Open the unzipped/extracted 'PMF_Setup' folder
    2. Double click on ArcReader10sp3.msp to run the Service Pack install wizard
  5. If you have a NMEA compliant GPS unit - connect the GPS unit to the laptop and install the driver that comes with the GPS unit. If you don't have a GPS unit, skip step #6 and proceed to step #7.
  6. Install the GPSLayer from the GPSLayer folder.
    1. Open the unzipped/extracted 'PMF_Setup' folder
    2. Open the GPSLayer Folder
    3. Double click on setup.exe to run the setup wizard.
  7. Download the VTE911 PMF Map '' by saving the zipped file on your PC.
  8. Unzip / Extract the downloaded '' zipped folder. (Right click on the folder and click extract all)
  9. Begin using the VTE911 the PMF map
    1. - Open the unzipped/extracted 'VTE911_PMF_MM_DD_YY' folder
    2. - Open the folder titled 'pmf'
    3. - Open the 'VTE911_MM_DD_YY.pmf' file to start using the Vermont E911 PMF Map.

Quick Navigation Tips

  1. To view the GPS on the map: In the Layers menu, check the box next to "GPS" to turn the layer on. Click "detect" to establish connection to GPS unit. Once connection has been established, click 'Start' and refresh the map screen (click the refresh button or pan/zoom to reload display) to view the GPS location (a blinking red dot with red circle).
    1. Important Note: The GPS location will not display until the map display has been refreshed!
  2. To have the map display move/pan with the GPS unit location (i.e. when driving) check the box next to 'pan to point' in the GPS connections toolbar.
  3. Find Addresses:
    1. Click on the find tool (located in the toolbar and has an image of binoculars).
    2. Click on the "Locations" tab.
    3. Click on the 'browse to' button (looks like a folder) next to choose a locator. Browse to the 'VTE911_Locator' file that is stored in   the "locators" folder in the 'VTE911 _PMF_MM_DD_YY' folder.
    4. Type in the full address you wish to locate (housenumber roadname town).
    5. Click 'Find'
    6. Right click on the address search result(s) to create a 'callout' label or 'pan to' or 'zoom to' the location.
    7. Improtant Note: The GPS feed needs to be 'stopped' when using the Address locator.
  4. Pan/Zoom to XY coordinates: Use the go to XY tool (a blue dot with "XY").
    1. Type in Lat/Long coordinates (click on the units button to change units).
  5. Using older PMF Markups in a new PMF map (a .pmfink file is created in the pmf folder when a markup is added to the pmf map).
    1. If you used the markup tool and wish to view older markups (from previous pmf maps) in a newer PMF map, you will need to move the .pmfink file to the new PMF folder and change the .pmfink file name to match the new .pmf file name.
    2. For example: The old pmfink file stored in the PMF folder with the PMF file is 'VTE911_1_1_12.pmfink' and your new PMF file is 'VTE911_2_2_12.pmf'
    3. You will need to move the VTE911_1_1_12.pmfink file to the new PMF folder (next to the new 'VTE911_Complete_2_2_12.pmf' file).
    4. Change the name of the 'VTE911_Complete_1_1_12.pmfink' to 'VTE911_Complete_2_2_12.pmfink'
    5. When you start using the PMF map...
    6. Arcreader will prompt "Do you want to reassociate your markup with the current PMF? Yes/No"
    7. Click 'Yes' and add a new markup to the map. If you dont add a new markup, an application error message will appear each time you exit out of ArcReader.

(Setup Instructions Updated 2.28.12)


For assistance or questions email the VT Enhanced 911 Mapping and GIS department or call (802) 828-4911.