Wireless Providers

Deployment of Service

The Enhanced 9-1-1 system has deployed Phase II service at all of its PSAPs. Any wireless service provider planning to deploy wireless service in Vermont will receive a letter of request for Phase II service.

Once deployment has been confirmed, wireless service providers are required to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Vermont Enhanced 9-1-1 Board.

Wireless Service Providers are required to provide Enhanced 9-1-1 Service in accordance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 94-102 and in accordance with NENA deployment and maintenance standards.

Database Error and Resolution Reporting

ALI Discrepancies and Records Not Found will be sent by the Enhanced 9-1-1 Board's Database Management Service Provider, Consolidated Communications (formerly Fairpoint), to the wireless service provider or its designee. Wireless service providers are responsible for responding with a determined root cause and resolution to the ALI Discrepancy or Record not Found.

Questions about any of Vermont’s requirements of wireless service providers can be directed to the Vermont Enhanced 9-1-1 Board.  Contact us.