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About Us


About Us


Overview:  The Enhanced 911 Board was created by the legislature in 1994 as the single governmental agency responsible for statewide enhanced 911. Prior to this time, most Vermonters did not have access to any level of 911 service. The intent of the legislation was to create a statewide 911 system that would serve all Vermonters and allow emergency responders to locate callers more quickly and efficiently.

The 911 Board was established as an independent Board, not attached to any other agency or department in state government, and was made responsible for the design, implementation and operational oversight of the statewide 911 system. To that end, the 911 Board developed and implemented policy, system design, standards and procedures related to the statewide 911 system – and continues to do so today.

As required by statute, the 911 Board consults with various state agencies and local community service providers to meet these responsibilities.

The 911 Board itself consists of nine Board members, appointed by the Governor, one each representing state, local and county law enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, municipalities, and three members of the public.

Current Board Members and the Constituency They Represent:

  • Sheriff Roger Marcoux, Jr. - Vermont Sheriff's Association - Board Chair
  • Chief Steve Locke - Vermont Firefighters Association - Vice Chair
  • Capt. Lance Burnham - Department of Public Safety
  • Heather Dale Porter - Emergency Medical Services Provider
  • Jerome Pettinga - Public Member
  • Kelly Kennedy - Public Member
  • Brian Keefe - Public Member
  • Vacant - Municipal Official
  • Chief Eric Nordenson - Municipal Law Enforcement

Mission:  The Enhanced 911 Board's mission is to provide a statewide emergency telecommunications system, accessible to everyone, and to oversee its operation. The Board and its staff work together to facilitate access to the 911 system, locate callers and their emergencies, assist 911 callers with pre-arrival instructions, and connect callers to needed responders.

Departments:  The work of the Board’s staff falls into four broad categories:

            IT Management: – Responsible for management and oversight of the 911 system and the contracted system provider.

GIS/Database Administration: – Responsible for development and maintenance of multiple databases critical to the operation of the Next Generation 911 (NG911) system.

Training and Communications:  Responsible for training and certification of approximately 100 call-takers as well as quality control, public education and outreach, and call-taker wellness initiatives.

Administration and Compliance: – responsible for administrative functions of the Board office and for ensuring compliance with internal and external requirements related to 911 and office administration.


Budget:  The Enhanced 911 Board is funded by the Vermont Universal Service Fund. The Board’s recent and current budget requests can be found here