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Board Membership

(excerpt from Act 197, Chapter 88. Enhanced 911 Emergency Response System 7052(b))
The board shall consist of nine members: one county law enforcement officer elected by the membership of the Vermont state sheriff’s association; one municipal law enforcement officer elected by the chiefs of police association of Vermont; one official of a municipality not currently receiving 911 service; a firefighter; an emergency medical services provider; a department of public safety representative; and three members of the public. Board members shall be appointed by the governor to three-year terms, except that the governor shall stagger initial appointments so that the terms of no more than four members expire during a calendar year. In appointing board members, the governor shall give due consideration to the different geographical regions of the state, and the need for balance between rural and urban areas. Board members shall serve at the pleasure of the governor.

Current Board Members and the Constituency They Represent

  • Sheriff Roger Marcoux, Jr. - Vermont Sheriff's Association - Board Chair
  • VACANT - Municipal Law Enforcement
  • Capt. Lance Burnham - Department of Public Safety
  • Chief Steve Locke - Vermont Firefighters Association
  • Heather Dale Porter - Emergency Medical Services Provider
  • Jerome Pettinga - Public Member
  • Kelly Kennedy - Public Member
  • Brian Keefe - Public Member
  • Angela Eastman - Municipal Official

Current Staff Members

  • Vacant - Emergency Communications Training Coordinator
  • Lawrence Boisse - IT Specialist IV
  • Ashley Happy - 911 Training & Communications Program Manager
  • Tyler Hermanson - GIS Professional III
  • Soni (Denisonde) Johnson - Administrative Services Coordinator I
  • Jared Lamere - E911 IT Manager
  • Aaron Krinsky - GIS Professional III
  • Jeremy McMullen - E911 GIS Database Administrator (GIS Professional V)
  • Barbara Neal - Executive Director
  • Nancy Reilly - Program Technician I 
  • Karen Rielly - E911 Data Integrity Analyst