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Telecommunications Information

Every originating service provider is required to contact the Vermont Enhanced 911 Board before establishing connectivity to the Enhanced 911 System, in accordance with Vermont statute and/or FCC regulations. Contact can be made through the Vermont 911 office at 802-828-4911 or by emailing

911 Test Calls:

No test calls to 911 are permitted unless authorized in advance by the Vermont Enhanced 911 board.

All Wireless, VoIP and Wireline 911 test calls must be scheduled.  Scheduling is made through the Vermont 911 office at 802-828-4911.

All Enterprise Communication Systems, (ECS) test call instructions can be found here.

Test calls are generally scheduled between 0830 and 1430 (2:30PM) EST.

Outage Reporting:

Effective 2/4/2021, every originating voice service provider is required to notify the Enhanced 911 Board and its system provider of outages that affect access to 911 as outlined in the Board's rule entitled "Outage Reporting Requirements for Originating Carriers and Electric Power Companies".   The rule was updated on 7/18/2023.

Please click on the link below to view the updated rule.

Outage Reporting Requirements for Originating Carriers and Electric Power Companies

Please click on the link below for the Outage Reporting Form:

Outage Reporting Format with Instructions