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General 911 Questions (FAQs)


Who oversees The State of Vermont’s 911 system?

The Enhanced 911 Board.

What does Enhanced 911 mean?

Enhanced 911 provides the 911 caller's location, telephone number and emergency service providers and is automatically displayed at the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).   This allows the public safety call takers to quickly send emergency services to the scene.

Is Enhanced 911 available in all Vermont communities?

All towns in Vermont have access to Enhanced 911.

 When should I call 911?

A person should call 911 when they have knowledge of an immediate threat to the life, safety, or property of themselves or someone else.

Will 911 always know where I am?

There are times when the location information of a caller will not appear for the 911 call-taker, or it may be incorrect and cell phones may not give your exact location like a traditional phone does. Have your location ready, or use landmarks, mile markers and road signs to describe where you are.

What number do you call for non-emergencies?

For non-emergencies, call the non-emergency 10-digit telephone number for police, fire and ambulance services that can be found online or by calling 411 information. You can also obtain this information from your town office or the individual agencies.

Who answers my 911 calls and how are emergency responders dispatched?

A certified Vermont 911 call-taker in any one of Vermont’s six Public Safety Answering Points will answer your call. 

The Vermont 911 call-taker will verify your location and ask appropriate questions to determine the nature of your emergency and will contact all necessary responders.   After the responders have been contacted, the 911 call-taker may ask additional questions and provide continued assistance.

How long will it take for me to get help after I call 911?

The amount of time it takes for services to arrive are determined by the responding agency. 911 is not able to provide an exact time of arrival, however they will stay on the line with you to provide additional support and instructions until police, fire or EMS are on scene.

How do deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired persons use Enhanced 911?

Vermont 911 is TTY capable and is ADA compliant. Vermont also supports Text to 911 and can receive calls from video relay services.

What is NG911 (Next Generation 911)?  

NG911 improves Enhanced 911 systems and provides the same functionality but with more features. NG911 can accept voice calls, text to 911, and in the future multimedia such as photos and videos.  

Can someone get into trouble for calling 911?

Yes. A person may be charged with misuse of 911 if they repeatedly call 911 for reasons that do not meet a reasonable standard of an emergency and/or if the number of calls disrupt the operation of emergency services.