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Wireline Providers

Daily Service Order Updates

Local Exchange Companies (LECs) and Local Exchange Companies (CLECs) are responsible for provisioning customer records to the Enhanced 911 database. Daily service order files are submitted to the enhanced 911 database via WebDBMS. WebDBMS is supported by the Enhanced 911 Board’s Database Management Service Provider, Consolidated Communications (formerly Fairpoint).

LECs and CLECs are able to view their customer records, request MSAG updates, obtain municipal contact information, perform ALI Discrepancy and RNF error resolution and extract a partial or a statewide MSAG via a secure web interface, WebDBMS.

LECs and CLECs are required to MSAG validate addresses as part of their service order process to ensure a successful update to the Enhanced 911 Database. If an address does not validate then the carrier should contact the designated municipal contact.

To receive more information about PSALI and WebDBMS, please contact Consolidated Communications (formerly Fairpoint) at

Database Error and Resolution Reporting

ALI Discrepancies and Records not Found reported by the PSAPs and Board staff can be viewed anytime in WebDBMS. LECs and CLECs are responsible for accessing WebDBMS every business day to view ALI Discrepancies and Records not Found and resolving them within one business day of receipt, or within three business days under special circumstances.


If you have questions about any of the database maintenance requirements of wireline service providers contact the Vermont Enhanced 911 Board.