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The Enhanced 911 System is only as good as the information or data behind it. When someone dials 911 from a wireline phone, a screen at the PSAP displays the address and phone number of the caller’s location.

Even with the technology in place for Enhanced 911 service, if the computer system does not contain a “locatable” address – a street address – to which dispatchers can direct emergency responders, the benefits of the Enhanced 911 system are drastically reduced.

Each town in Vermont is required to designate a Municipal 911 Coordinator.

The Vermont Enhanced 911 Board depends heavily on each coordinator to be the liaison on all database and mapping maintenance issues.

Without your ongoing efforts as a Municipal 911 Coordinator, the System cannot work as designed. We need your assistance in maintaining the most accurate locatable information possible.

Decreasing response time can prevent millions of dollars in property damages due to fire. In medical emergencies, a shorter response time can reduce death rates due to heart attacks, or injuries as well as other life threatening medical emergencies.

The bottom line is we cannot do this without you.

Municipal Responsibilities

Municipal Contacts

For assistance and guidance with your responsibilities as your town’s 911 Coordinator, please contact us.